Hello community,

we have received reports that under certain circumstances the "Logout" button right next to the language selection but have vanished.

Unfortunately, we were not able to make out the cause of this problem as non of our browsers or accounts seem to have this problem. Therefore, we kindly ask you, the community, to provide feedback, should you experience this issue.

Possibly (but not necessarily) related is the fact, that in the menu "Challenges" the entry "Submit a challenge" is not displayed correctly (only visible when logged in).

Please leave a note here or contact us directly if you have this issue. If you managed to solve it, please tell us how.

As for any other issues you might encounter: Please make sure to completely remove all cookies and the cache related to this site. Old cache data may influence the correct display and old cookies might cause problems with the login.

Thanks in advance,
Your MTC3 Team