Dear MTC3 participants,

the time has come for MTC3 to grow up: in a few days the beta-testing phase will be over and we switch to regular operation. With this occasion the entire MTC3 team wishes to thank all beta testers for their valuable comments and suggestions to further improve MTC3.

When switching to regular operation the following will happen:

  • all beta-test challenges will be removed
  • all achieved credits/points will be deleted
  • the start date of all challenges available will be reset to the current day
  • your accounts stay active, i.e. they will not be deleted

Unfortunately this means, you all have to start from zero again. However, since you know the solution to some of the challenges already, it should be very simple for you to just re-enter the codewords (you actually will get more credits this way, since the credit system takes the time used for solving into account).

We, the MTC3 team, sincerely hope that you enjoyed the diversity of the current challenges and that you have as much fun in cracking them, as we have in creating them. Stay tuned, as we include new challenges on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to write us directly or post in our MTC3 forum.

We wish you much success and a healthy competition,
B. Esslinger, A. May, A. Wacker
(on behalf of the entire MTC3 team)