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Re: Kastenwürfel-Erklärung (Reservehandverfahren - Teil 1)

 On May 12, 2019, 2:57 a.m.

Die Farben dienen nur der Veranschaulichung wie die Buchstaben der Funkgruppen vertikal zusammengefasst werden, um sie mit den Tauschtafeln zu benutzen. Ausgel…

Re: Challenge

 On Feb. 23, 2015, 1:44 p.m.

Hallo Bernhard

Wenn Du mit Buchstabenverteilung die Buchstanbenpaarverteilung "Index of Coincidence" meinst, dann ja. Mit der einfachen Buchstabenhäufigkeit…

Re: Challenge

 On Feb. 20, 2015, 1 p.m.

Hallo kiekuk

Mich wundert, dass Du Ringe angibst !

Beste Grüße


Re: Challenge

 On March 7, 2013, 9:55 p.m.

Now you can read an article about the break on the BREAKING GERMAN NAVY CIPHERS project website!

Re: Who cares about the spam in this forum ?!?

 On Feb. 20, 2013, 12:31 a.m.

Thank you very much ! [HTML_REMOVED]

Great job…

Who cares about the spam in this forum ?!?

 On Feb. 14, 2013, 5:12 p.m.

I suppose no one… [HTML_REMOVED]

Re: Challenge

 On Jan. 14, 2013, 9:37 a.m.

B R O K E N !!!

Stay tuned…

Re: Challenge "Enigma Part 1"

 On Jan. 7, 2013, 11:35 p.m.

Hello George

"not entirely straightforward" … interpret it literally …

All the best


Re: Challenge "Turing Bombe Enigma I"

 On Aug. 20, 2012, 1:27 a.m.

Challenge Update

The new Turing-Bombe link: ... beapp.html

Re: Challenge "Turing Bombe Enigma I"

 On Aug. 12, 2012, 4:54 a.m.

The champions league :

The first German WW2 Naval ENIGMA M4 TURINGBOMBE break since 1945…

Visit: and read the original U…

Re: Challenge

 On Aug. 10, 2012, 2:29 a.m.

I´m still working with the message. No result so far.


I managed the first German WW2 Naval ENIGMA M4 TURINGBOMBE break since 1945 !!!

Visit: http…

Re: Challenge

 On May 29, 2012, 12:37 p.m.

Still working with the message…

At the time I browse the KTB´s (Kriegstagebücher / war diaries) for Turing Bombe cribs.

221 means Leitnummer (serial numb…

Re: Challenge

 On Feb. 24, 2012, 3:48 a.m.


I´am still working on the "THIRD MESSAGE". (first message)

Here are some results:

I splitted the message into parts (At Schr…

Re: Challenge

 On Feb. 24, 2012, 2:04 a.m.

Free hosting will shut down at April 30th, 2012.

Here are the orignial three ENIGMA M4 messages from Mr. Ralph Erskine.


Re: Challenge

 On Oct. 15, 2011, 1:52 p.m.

I used a inkjet transparency [HTML_REMOVED]

Great challenge, far away from this maths stuff [HTML_REMOVED]

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